How do you treat new customers or clients? Do you ignore them once they sign up or buy from you? Send them a two week old fruit basket- that no one ever eats? Is this how you say ‘Thank you for trusting us’?? No wonder you have a sales and customer retention issue. The cost to get a new customer is way higher than the cost of keeping the ones you already have. We help you set up systems to keep the clients you have. There are three:

Customer/Client Onboarding


An onboarding system welcomes, overcomes doubt, explains your company’s systems, how to fix problems and who to talk to if one comes up. Plus a whole lot more. It’s designed around your business. Onboarding may include hand written cards or notes, emails, letters, personalized videos, what comes next explanations, gifts- the ideas are endless and personally tailored by us to your clients or customers. A good onboarding system lasts 18-24 months and should be followed by a Client Retention system. More

welll copy


appreciation_1Everyone loves a hand written note- it is soooo much better than an email. But admit it, they are a pain to write. You forget, don’t know what to say, and never have a card handy. Or stamps! Plus your handwriting stinks!

Our appreciation system eliminates those hassles and is guaranteed to blow the minds of anyone who receives your note. We write and mail cards of appreciation ‘from you’ to anyone you request. The words are crafted by copywriters, and each card is hand written by our staff of men and women whose beautiful handwriting makes nuns jealous. More


Client Oriented Thinking


Ever met someone and felt ‘We really think alike’? It seemed you had known each other for years not just minutes.

Your business can develop that same instant rapport with new customers or clients. You get more sales, higher retention, and better customers when you re-orient the business with scripts, website, communications, and products or services focused around how your best clients or customers think.

People buy from those they Know, Like, and Trust. That relationship builds quickly when you think like a customer or client. More


Business team brainstorming and finding a solution or good idea with light bulb drawing on business card paper

Client getting copy writing and marketing ideas

Need great Direct Response copy to support your brand? Want effective DR copy that draws leads like bears to honey? Gives sales people tools that close sales? Want to work with a team that delivers on time? Plays well with others, like graphic designers? Enough questions! Review our portfolio, then send email directly to to schedule a short phone call. A simple 14 minute call will confirm if we can work together to exceed your goals using our expertise.